Thursday, February 7, 2008

16 till Deployment.

Another day another day of Camp P. Eagerly awaiting deployment there isn't much left for me to do here besides staying on base.Today was just like any other day in the military a bunch of waiting on shit to happen.Standing in formation for 2 captainsmaste in the freezing cold weather.coming to work having work to put up with crap and have work put off on me. Just anotherday. just ready to get it over with already.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


for the love of art.-dez

Well todays a rainy day here in sunny california but that's false advertisment. Here I was planning to go to the library and as I look outside it's pouring.After a couple of swears I decided that I really needed to draw more than anything and the worst I can get from walking in freezing cold rain with nail biting wind chills is well sick. I can deal with a little sickness to draw. So this want be too long I have to do some research an development.