Wednesday, May 13, 2009

project sketch+ image update 16may09

Updated the study image again today(so i can have some life drawing stuff I guess don't really know just relaxing to do) i worked on it for about an hour or so yesterday and today.making things more solid and blending also adding textures to show skin texture.i'll work on it again tomorow hopefully for the last time.

have to keep myself busy and occupied so I don't feel lonely. so I have just been staying in photoshop hours upon hours doodling.



Been a while since i've updated anything alot going on with me.I'm currently sitting in texas waiting to go to my next duty station okinawa where my brother and my wife to be are currently located. until then i pass my time by doing studies and practices.probally update again manana with another digi sketch


Friday, May 8, 2009


Finnaly arrived in Okinawa,japan after a 2 or 3 day plane trip i'm not sure i left wednesday morning and arrived friday mourning in japan. I'm still a bit jet lagged and doing the check in process.I'll update as soon as i can with new content and picks of japan as soon as I'm settled in.


[anderson gaston]