Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A day gone.A day closer to home.

Well today is wednesday here in Camp P. I don't know what it is about this place but lately it been making me rather uneasy. It's not just the location of everything around the place it's more of less that this place is just not home for me.As much as I try to make myself comfortable her I don't see it happening anytime soon. You know it's bad when I'm actually anticipating going to iraq with excitement just to get away from this place.Doesn't that seem kind of awkward no? Anywho I spend most of my days here hanging out with the fellow HM's or at the library. I try not to hang around the marines too much even though I live with them I just don't want to get into any mess that I really don't want to be in.I'm perfectly fine being somewhat of a loner. Anderson and I talked about alot of things mainly concerning the future of art and stuff needless to say Things are definately going to be different and more exciting when it comes to artistic projects and approaches.

I spent today wandering how everyone is doing back on the east coast how my friends are doing in Dallas and all over the world right now as my time is ticking down till I hit the sandbox.Not Many artists go to war that's for sure.I ask myself some basic questions: How will this come into play and influence my artwork?how will this influence what I create? Not only that how will being in the military in general influence us aside from taking up most of our time. I have new motivation in general to get back to the artworld not only for myself but for my brother and girl as well.

I wonder what things are to come in mmy life and how will I handle them. Usually I would just shrug my shoulders and be like maybe next time. I've sincce matured and if I must thank the military for one thing I really learned how to become a leader, mentor, and public speaker. Giving speaches to 200 something odd people a day was something I would have never though I would be doing back in school.

I've also started keeping numerous journals one will be about my experiances about my deployment,one a list of memoirs that my girl wanted me to write and the others will be for various projects that pertain to me once I get over there so I'll have something to work on. I will hopefully transfer all the journals onto a laptop when I get one.

The proojects of mine that are under development right now for me is SPARk and a yet unnamed dez sci-fi project. Anderson is working on his own personal sci-fi and Fantasy project as well. Of course most of my concept work will be lead on paper because I won't have a wacom tablet or paints in the desert. Until my next entry keep on searching back here for mor work or the announcement of our official site under development.

Till then keep on crank'n


Thursday, January 17, 2008

dez in cali:Misadventures in misfortune Part:3

more verifying records. So in the end today was productive but boring as hell.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3b1b sketch-dez

character sketch for a personal project 3b1b 1 of the main female leads. The story is still in development so her design could change.

Dez in Cali:Misadventures in misfortune part:deux

Today was another fun filled day of doing work for lazy peole nuff said.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dez in Cali part1:Misadventures in misfortune

Well I'm in Cali confused as hell.I took off from south carolina sunday morning around 8a.m.(of course being an artist I wasn'nt on time but for good reason I got to tell the people that matter to me the most bye.Those two people being My brother Anderson and someone special to me Sharday.After getting teary eyed cause my bro was sad and she started crying.)

(and the fact that I wasn't going to see either of them for a while didn't help.)
(I'm not going to lie I balled my eyes out. Seeing females cry is like kryptonite for me.Plus my bro was unhappy damn it sucked.)

This led me to think Goodbyes are really difficult based on the way people react to the fact that you're leaving. If people were happy go lucky then goodbyes would be easier but then that would make the person that's leaving think you don't give a rats ass about them.which may I say is never a good thing. But goodbyes in which people cry shows you that they love you but at the same time it ends up being the last memory of them you have before you left so in turn it makes you sad as well.

So I might buy me a laptop(the have wireless at the library plus I can batch dvds.) or a digital camera(to record video journals and send them to people) tommorow so I can try and upload shit. Man I really hate military LRC's I cant even check my mail on the computer. WTHITS?.? well anyway enough of my ranting. It'll be about amonth until I go to the sands to play.

Okay back to my adventure. After some wandering around aimlessly on this base once again and getting situated I'm at the local library where I can now check my e-mail and such. Anywhoo back to what I was saying earlier. I'm going to be in the US for about a month and some days. And I can't wait to go that way I'll actually be counting down the days till my return and I'll be that much closer to getting out of the military. I'll hit my 2 year mark on may 30th of this year and it'll be freak'n sweet.even sweeter if I wasn't n the going to the sands but hey beggers can't be choosers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

thumbnail sheet and random sketch-AG.

composited all of my thumbnails from my sketchbook

up to 100 right now I'm currently working on #1 and #70 on the list.

both early roughs can be seen below.*note the rhino guy what the hell was I thinking..bah i'll finish his design anyway*

Monday, January 7, 2008

figure studies and enviorment -ag

well it about 11:42 eastern time I should be sleep by now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

randomness again-ag

well its the new year 08 hmm 3 years just 3 left -_-