Thursday, September 27, 2007


some images of the miniatures I designed for drakon and descent:the wells of darkness-DEZ

the Golem and kolbold only appeard in Decent:wells of darkness expaision


PolygrinderThe Journey Toward Inspiration
This book is a collection of artwork created by the Polygrinder production team while working on a proposed animated adult television series, “Underground”. From conceptual drawings and renderings to finished computer generated three dimensional models, this book takes the viewer on a fantastic journey into the minds of an impressive collection of creative talent.
The book also is a teaching and learning tool as all aspects of the production are explained in detail showing the behind the scene concepts and techniques used to create the impressive artwork. The viewer will explore the different concepts that the previsualization artists explored while conceptualizing the many characters, creatures, vehicles and environments generated for the production. Follow us through the creative process of building, texturing and lighting the many characters and environments generated for the weekly TV series.
(Interesting collection of art put together by various artists we went to school with.For a project headed up by Michael Eudy.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well I'm out in Cali camp Penelton Training. I'll be back on the east coast oct6 and I'll get back up here with some new works I've had a lot of time to think while going through the admin stuff and my current situation so I'm go to start thinking and fleshing out some new projects in the upcoming days.until then


Sunday, September 16, 2007


The following was done for wizards of the coast d20 future tech book the following images are the gun drone and the final judge.-dez

d20 future tech work

here some illustrations i did for a book called d20 future tech for wizards of the coast this was pretty fun to work on minus having to do the illustations twice do a computer crash 0-0

concept work for FFG

designs for miniatures for drakon


various concepts-dez

various concepts-dez

comic pages-ag

A bunch of old comic pages i was doing a while back(long time ago in age long ago) even though developed from it in the end it was a good experience-_-

more comic pages-ag

more of the same-_-

lost artwork found-dez

So this week has been one of the best weeks ever since joining the military because we finally located all of the missing work we'd done and now I'm going to put it up for safe measure so I don't loose it again. All of the following was done for wizards of the coast as a test. needless to say despite the limited time I had I enjoyed working on every little bit of it. I've added the thumbnail sketches as well as the paintings.This also marked the first time I drew anything starwars related that wasn't a twilik :D -dez