Thursday, September 27, 2007


PolygrinderThe Journey Toward Inspiration
This book is a collection of artwork created by the Polygrinder production team while working on a proposed animated adult television series, “Underground”. From conceptual drawings and renderings to finished computer generated three dimensional models, this book takes the viewer on a fantastic journey into the minds of an impressive collection of creative talent.
The book also is a teaching and learning tool as all aspects of the production are explained in detail showing the behind the scene concepts and techniques used to create the impressive artwork. The viewer will explore the different concepts that the previsualization artists explored while conceptualizing the many characters, creatures, vehicles and environments generated for the production. Follow us through the creative process of building, texturing and lighting the many characters and environments generated for the weekly TV series.
(Interesting collection of art put together by various artists we went to school with.For a project headed up by Michael Eudy.)

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