Friday, March 14, 2008


so i got a message today from my brother Andez or (DEZ) as he is known on this blogsite saying that mutant chronicles had been released and that they had used some of are designs we had did for fantasy flight games back in back in march of 06 and here they are.with the conceptart aswell who ever took these pics thanks! THE CONCEPTS OF THE BIOGIANT,TORMENTOR,AND TEKRON WARMASTER WERE DONE BY ANDEZ GASTON AND THE TECHNOMANCER BY MYSELF (ANDERSON GASTON-AG)THESE ARE THE ONLY DESIGNS I'VE SEEN SO FAR THAT WERE USED UNTILL I SEE THE OTHER FIGURES I'LL KEEP THE OTHER CONCEPTS STORED SAFELY AWAY FOR NOW-AG.


Teerawat said...

That's so cool. I hope one day I'll see my drawings turn into products like this someday.

Hope you guys are doing well:)

Ag./dez said...

sup Teerawat! it would be cool to see your unique vision made into sculptures,minis, or even made into toys.'I would collect them all'

As for us the bro's are doing well even though we're an ocean apart-AG

Phil wohr said...

Wow, great to see more art from you guys. Definitely awesome stuff!

you 2 were such an influence on me while I was in school. I trust things are going well for you out there?

Ag./dez said...

yo phil the stuff you see here was done in back 2006 but the game is being released this month I believe I'm not sure?.?
how are we you ask well things are good military life is unique in it own way.Dez is in another country right now and I'm holding it down in the states we still got 3 years of military life to go and a lot of time to get another portfolio ready. influence:)I glad it was in a good way its good to see how well you and albers have progressed over the years hate to say it but it looks like we'll have to catch up with you guys in the digital painting department 0.O maybe you could give us a couple of pointers.

Phil wohr said...

You bet man for sure! I'd like to learn a thing or 10 from Justin myself hah, that guys work ethic is sick.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this stuff is great! I want those figures.


Anonymous said...

Thnx you guys I really like the art you guys are doing on your sites it's really fantastic stuff. I'll try to upload some art after I clean up some stuff. Untill then hold down the fort bro!