Sunday, July 4, 2010

Legacy of Kain:Dark prophecy (cancelled game of 04)

while scoping YouTube I manage to run into a video of a project quite familiar and it brought back memories when we were still brother and I had just been hired at a video game company at the time which was still known as ritual entertainment to work on a game that many people knew very well. though nothing came to fruition  that project was to be legacy of Kain: Dark Prophecy for the PS2. for those of you interested in seeing some of the character/creature designs  click on the link below

lok: cancelled game conceptart

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Dan Winegard said...

Why?! Why was it canceled? I can't express how upset it made me when this game was canceled. I'm playing LoK: Defiance again right now. The cliffhanger at the end pretty much drives me insane. There's so many questions left unanswered! I've heard rumors... and the stupid Tomb Raider games that are somehow still going have Kain and Raziel as Downloadable content, so maybe they'll revive it!! Just a fan's wishful thinking.