Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well Here's the final foot approved Dirtnap design.:D

Now for the 80's TMNT turtle Background.

Pro wrestler Hogan Savage AKA the "Mortician" was once Pro Wrestling Alliance Champion. Revered for his dirty fighting techniques and finishing move "The DirtNap". During the No holds Barred Championship cage Match He spots what seems like a giant turtle(mike) in the rafters watching the match. When he finally realizes he has taken his eyes from his opponent he is greeted with a steel chair...... Waking up to his opponent holding the belt and the crowd going wild. Enraged by his loss he grabs the Microphone and claims he saw a Giant turtle in the rafters. Of course the fans and the defending Champion laugh at the thought. Savage grabs the chair and hit's the champion and is booed out of the arena.
Outside of the arena vowing to himself to prove to the PWA that Giant turtles exist he is greeted by a shadowy figure.

Savage: Who are You?

???: The one who can give you power to prove the world wrong. I can give you back your honor.

To Be continued cue Turtles theme song!!

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